Final preparations

We are working on the final preparations for DOPS 2019 and more of the content of the program will be revealed soon on our website.
We are pleased to welcome you at the Honig in Nijmegen and looking forward to the exciting program!

DOPS 2019 – your blind spot and beyond

Our sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors, this event is made possible thanks to their contribution!
To see who supports the DOPS 2019 event you can click in the menu bar on the item 'sponsors'.


Registration is now open for the DOPS 2019 conference 'your blind spot and beyond'!
To join this event you can register at this website.
The deadline for registration is 31th of december 2018.

Save the date

You probably perfectly know how to identify the blind spot, but do you really know where YOUR blind spot is?
The committee of the DOPS 2019 conference ‘your blind spot and beyond’ would like to invite you as a valuable guest!

Please save the date: March 15 & 16 in Honig Complex, Nijmegen.
Procedures for registration will follow soon!

New committee

Full of enthusiasm the committee for DOPS 2019 conference has settled!

We would like to introduce you to the following members:
PhD students Annet Haarman and Clair Enthoven from Erasmus MC. This team is completed with the PhD students Anita de Breuk and Birgit Govers from RadboudUMC.

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